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Rural Workforce - Walk in, Walk out


Most of us  know that if we eat too much junk food, have too much alcohol, smoke, don't get enough fruit and vegetables or don't exercise we will get very sick.

What is less well know is that things like where we live, our access to educational opportunities and the availability of rewarding jobs also has a really big impact on our physical and mental wellbeing.

For example, one study found that people who were unemployed needed to see a GP four times more than people who were employed, and cost the health system almost twice as much.

Understanding and addressing the social determinants of health has been found to significantly reduce levels of disease in the community, and significantly reduce government spending on health and welfare.

LEAD Centre (2015) The Impact of Employment on the Health Status and Health Care Costs of Working-age People with Disabilities

Quick facts

Rural and Remote Medical Services (RARMS) is Australia's most successful provider of rural and remote health and hospital services.  We have been successfully recruiting permanent GPs, Locums, nurses, allied health professionals and medical workforce for 20 years into the most difficult to supply locations in Australia.


As the demands of our clients have grown RARMS has grown alongside them to become the leading supplier of rural-specific GP telehealth solutions through its Remote GP Service (RGPS).  Working with local health networks, RARMS has expanded access to primary and emergency care across 33 communities delivering a 42.2 percent reduction in avoidable hospital transfers and saving more than $4 million annually.

RARMS delivers a value-based service model that not only addresses workforce needs, but works with our communities and stakeholders to target the causes of poor health and reduced access in rural and remote communities, enabling it to deliver superior solutions and outcomes.  As a not-for-profit, we can provide an environment that supports our doctors to learn and thrive.  That also means that RARMS can focus on the best solutions for government, communities and health services ensuring that we maximise the economic impact of our activities in rural and remote communities.


Our permanent and temporary GP recruitment capabilities, combined with our virtual GP solutions, enables RARMS to support vulnerable communities, hospitals and aged care facilities with a range of integrated workforce solutions.







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